Pentium All-in-One PCI/ISA CPU Card with VGA/LCD Interface


  • Year 2000 compliance
  • Best Pentium-based SBC with most advance Intel 430TX Chipset and VGA/LCD interface
  • Award PnP BIOS in a single FLASH ROM with VGA BIOS
  • Supports PC/104 connector with mounting holes
  • Green function controlled by hardware or software setting
  • Switching voltage regular supports
  • Built-in ZIF socket for CPU
  • Complies with PICMG PCI/ISA Bus standard
  • Supports two USB ports
  • Supports IrDA connector for wireless communication
  • Supports a heat sensor device under CPU socket for temperature monitor and alert
  • Support auto fan OFF system for reduced energy consumption and system noise
  • Year 2000 compliance



  • Main Chipset: Intel 430TX
  • Main Processor: IntelPentium P54C/P55C/K5/K6 MMX                           Cyrix 6x86, 6x86L, 6x86(MX) 90-233 MHz
  • System Memory: Up to 256MB EDO/FPM, with four banks of 72-pin SIMM sockets
  • Onboard Cache Memory: 512KB cache synchronized SRAM
  • BIOS: Award PnP(Plug & Play) BIOS in a single FLASH ROM BIOS
  • USB: Supports two USB ports
  • IrDA: Supports IrDA connector for wireless communication
  • Display: On-board C&T 65550 supports CRT & Flat Panel, up to 2MB display memory
  • Temperature Monitoring & Alert
    A heat sensor under the CPU socket to detect CPU temperature to ensure the system is operating at a safe heat level to avoid any failure resulting from extremely high temperature. Alert is sounded through the speaker when the temperature exceeds the one set by the user in the BIOS.
  • Auto Fan Off
    The system fan powers off automatically even in suspend mode. This function reduces both energy consumption and system noise
  • PS/2 Mouse: Support PS/2 mouse interface
  • IDE HDD Interface: PCI Local Bus IDE standard, two Enhanced IDE, mode 4 supported, up to 4 drives
  • FDD Interface: Supports two 360/720 KB or 1.2/1.44/2.88 MB FDDs
  • Serial Ports: UART1: RS232
  •                      UART2: RS232/422/485 selectable
  • Parallel Port: One bi-directional parallel port (SPP), also supportsenhanced mode (EPP) and highspeed mode (ECP)
  • Keyboard Connector: IBMTM PC/AT type Mini-DIN connector supports IBMTM PC AT, PS/2 keyboards
  • Watchdog Timer: 16 sec watch dog timer
  • Green Function: Controlled via hardware or software setting


  • Dimensions: 13.4 ´4.9
  • Operating Temperature:32 to 140°F
  • Relative Humidity:5% to 95% non-condensing